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We offer scientific services in the following research areas:

  • Statistics / data analysis / correction of invalid data
  • GIS / geostatistics / regionalization (upscaling) /
    predictive soil mapping (pedometrics, digital soil mapping) 
  • Characterization and modeling of time series
  • Water and element budget
  • Ecosystem research / modeling
  • Soil protection / water supply



Interra has extensive experience in field measurements and data collection in forest ecosystems. One of its main activities is in the area of the plausibility check of measurements, completion of missing values, correction of incorrect data with statistical methods and analysis of uncertainties in measurements and model results. For this, not only classical statistical methods, but also methods of the time series analysis are applied. Providing complete control over data access, management, analysis and presentation we use R (https://www.R-project.org). 

Apart from these general questions of exploratory data analysis and data correction, we are working in the field of water and element budgets in ecosystems (deposition, meteorological data, tensiometer, lysimeter, modeling water budget, input-output-analyses, soil chemical data). Many years of experience exist at several forest research stations in Nordrhein-Westfalen and Baden-Württemberg.

Environmental data are often spatially and/or temporally correlated. This information can not only be used to correct measurements, but also to in a better way understand important key processes. For this, we offer methods of time series analysis and geostatistical methods.
Of main interest is the regionalization (upscaling) of soil (chemical / physical) attributes in forested landscapes of Europe.



22-02 2016

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