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1997: starting point of Interra; founder: Dr. Dietmar Zirlewagen.
Dietmar Zirlewagen
D. Zirlewagen received his MSc in forestry at the Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg. He worked at the Forest Research Institute Baden-Wuerttemberg, FVA, department of Soil Science, as project leader of the Convent Forest ecosystem study. At the beginning of 2003 he did his PhD on the regionalization of soil chemical data in forest ecosystems. 


About Interra

Interra is a private and independent research company conducting problem-oriented environmental research and modeling. Our main activities are:

  • In the area of the plausibility check of measurements, completion of missing values, correction of incorrect data with statistical methods and analysis of uncertainties in measurements and model results. 
  • Apart from these general questions of exploratory data analysis and data correction, we are working in the field of water and element budgets in ecosystems 
  • we offer methods of time series analysis and geostatistical methods .
  • Of main interest is the regionalization (upscaling) of site attributes in forested landscapes of Europe (digital soil mapping, pedometrics).



22-02 2016

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